What’s the cause of Christian’s bad behavior?

What’s the cause of Christian’s bad behavior?

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Christianity is the largest religion in the world, where 1/3 of people believes d08c15f154e640d3eb3f61d4aa30732ain one God, Jesus Christ. Considering there are seven billion of people on the planet, that’s a lot of believers at one place. But, have you ever wondered, why some of them make sinful acts that non-believer wouldn’t even think about it? Christian believers get caught in stealing, lying and doing much worse things that are considered shameful and forbidden by this religion. Even some of them cheated people on a moving quote website about the prices.
But, what influences their behavior and what makes them do such things? There are various factors we need to reconsider:

The way we see people When we think about them, we usually divide them on good and evil. Everything happens by a certain degree, people don’t make sins in the same way, or at the same level. Some lie, some steal and some kill, there is a difference between them and how do we commit them. A person can change some aspects of its personality, but not the way he thinks – that is rooted deeply inside of him and hardly can ever be changed.


It all starts with person’s old nature
That nature represents us in a moment when we first came into this world and opened our eyes. It’s often referred as Old Nature and it cannot be changed; it’s the way we are shaped to be. Later, during our lives, we can only make it better or worse. Every old nature has elements of sinfulness and you shouldn’t feel guilty or judged, but it’s on you to shape your behavior according to Christian religion and to find your way towards the light.

Shaped nature

This is second nature that is always changeable, it is shaped and reshaped through the life until you die. Shaped nature is determined by various factors, for example: what values you have been through, which experiences you’ve had, what choices did you make and your genetic predisposition plays a big role. Shaping happens all the time and at any place, at work, at school, at home and this process continues until the day we die. A character can be changed, but some qualities in it, whether they are good or bad, can never be erased of changed.

New Nature
It is only God’s right to give you the salvation, you cannot earn it or deserve it. You shouldn’t be a better person only because you’ll gain the right to salvation, whole your life you need to behave according to Christian belief and really believe in it.

We all carry gens from our parents. Although they don’t determine our personality, they determine our potential and it is on us whether we are going to use it in the right way or not.

The choices we make will shape our character more than genetics ever could. Every action we take will shape our character more.
The only thing that changes with salvation is that God will give you an opportunity, your old nature will remain, but you will have a chance to become a better person so it’s up to you whether you’ll have the will or strength to use it.

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